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Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent - Utah

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Realtor Cody Kewley

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Are Looking to sell your Draper house? If so you have come to the right place. If you are looking for a Draper sales agent that will go above and beyond in order to help sell your house fill out the form above and we would love to talk about our process. Even if you haven’t made a final decision on if you want to sell your house feel free to reach out and we can go over some options and talk you through the process.

How To Sell A House With A Draper Realtor

Tell us a little about the home and your current situation to get started! Feel free to also call us at (661)-817-3568. We’ll reach out within 24 hours to get a game plan started.

Step 1: Fill Out Our Form Above or Click The Button Below.

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Cody Kewley An Draper Real Estate Agent

About Cody Kewley:

My Name Is Cody Kewley a Draper Real Estate Agent. I was born and raised in Southern California, but have lived in Oregon and Florida as well. My wife and I currently reside in Provo, Utah where she attends Norda-COM Medical School. One of my favorite things about living here in Utah is the amazing fishing 🎣 and hiking!

Real Estate Agent Background:

I’ve been in Real Estate for over four years now. I first started investing in Real Estate with my cousin who showed me the ropes in Idaho. We would purchase, renovate and fix and flip houses then relist them back on the market. We have also invested in Florida and Tennessee.

Real Estate Agent Education:

I first started my real estate path while I was attending the University of Oregon πŸ¦†. Real Estate investing allowed me to help pay back my student loans while I was still in College. I then transferred to Grand Canyon University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship πŸŽ“.

Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent

Joan Brickenham

We Sold Our House ASAP!

Thank you so much to Cody and his team we sold our house in Provo, UT, and decided to move out of state for a job opportunity, and needed to sell ASAP! We needed to sell in under two months and Cody was able to make it happen. Even though the market in Utah has slowed down we were able to obtain the full asking price. Not to mention it was a breeze I didn’t have to lift a finger Cody handled everything!

– Joan Brickenham

Provo, Utah

Top Real Estate Agents In Draper

There are a ton of great Draper real estate agents. However, if you are looking for the top real estate agent, here’s what I found out that has separated us from all other realtors.

  • Real Estate Agent Experience: Most realtors are just starting in real estate and might still be learning the ropes, which takes time.
  • Real Estate Agent Connections: The best agents always have connections with other realtors, investors, developers, buyers, and sellers.
  • Realtor’s Knowledge Of Market Conditions: Is the housing market cold or hot? What’s the average time πŸ—“οΈ a house is on the market? Are bank rates rising? All these can help or harm your negotiation and listing strategy. These are very important for your agent to consider when assisting a client.
  • Obsessed With Detail: Oops! Did your agent forget to explain that the washer and dryer weren’t included in the house sale? A detail-oriented realtor will set you up for success when buying or selling a house. This attribute alone will help with negotiations, saving money, and helping you be more profitable!
  • Very Personable: The top agents in Draper don’t just sell houses. They are great because they also sell themselves; people love their personalities. These agents answer their phones and texts, check in on clients, and, even after the sale, are still involved in the clients.
Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent
Cody Kewley Draper Realtor
Best Real Estate Agent In Utah
Cody Kewley Draper Real Estate Agent Team
  • Articulate in Housing Design: A realtor with experience in housing design can help you sell a property faster and, when buying, can caution you on what to look out for. This also ties back to the housing market knowledge and what sells best.
  • Disciplined and Dedicated: The top Draper realtors are constantly working. They answer phones, show houses, and respond to clients. They can become a high achiever through discipline and dedication to their craft.
  • Realtors Should Be Loyal and Have Integrity: An agent that puts you above all others and personal beliefs is an agent with your best interests in mind. Of course, your realtor needs to review strategies and plans, but it’s also important to represent their client the best they can.
  • Highly Motivated Realtors: The top agents push through hardships, pain, and tough times and work when they don’t want to. Why?! Because they are dedicated to becoming the best of their ability. This also means you, as their client, will be in the best hands possible.
  • Realtors Should Have A Problem-Solver Attitude: The best agents I have known have a “Can Do” attitude and never view problems as issues. These agents view problems as personal growth opportunities and embrace the complexity of the problem at hand.

What Does A Draper Real Estate Agent Do?

What exactly do realtors do? 🧐

Realtors Researching Draper Trends

Real Estate Research

Realtors And Administrative House Tasks

Real Estate Tasks

Realtors Marketing Draper Houses

Real Estate Marketing
  • Conduct Draper real estate market analysis
  • Look for active houses on the MLS.
  • Up to date with Draper market, trends, and real estate best practices
  • Responsible for responding to calls and emails
  • Arranging appointments and house showings
  • Preparing and delivering documents
  • Organize and prepare client paperwork.
  • Connects with possible clients and potential business partners
  • Find Local buyers and out-of-state buyers
  • Listing houses on the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service.

Looking To Hire A Real Estate Agent In Draper?

We’ve been in the process of buying and selling houses for years. Our experience and your interest in buying or selling will benefit both parties. As a realtor, we will provide guidance and assistance through buying, selling, or leasing houses. Don’t hesitate to reach out! If you have questions or want to know more about how we can help sell your Draper house, please call or email us.

As A Draper Realtor How Do We Help Buyers?

We educate them about the house-buying process in Draper – We will explain every part of the house-buying process you need to know depending on what property you are looking for (Condo, Single family home, etc.) We have a list of brochures and leaflets explaining how it works.

We will showcase each house you are interested in – We will prepare everything for viewing the houses you are interested in. We will give you the information or details you need to know about the property. We will also point out the positive aspects and potential downsides that might come along with the property.  We will discuss everything that is relevant to the transaction and give you all the information to help you with your house-buying process.

We submit and negotiate offers on behalf of buyers – Once we find the house you want to buy, we will provide you with comparable prices to help you decide on a price to offer. The basis of the amount is the current value of the property that sellers are likely to accept. If the sellers agree, then we can negotiate and secure the best possible deal.

Recommend house professionals – The process of buying requires help from professionals. We have a list of reputable local Draper experts like house inspectors, mortgage brokers, contractors, etc., that can help. We can book a schedule with them to handle all communications and necessary documentation.

Are You Selling Or Buy A House In Draper?

Are you moving to Draper? Maybe you are leaving for a new state? Maybe something came up and was not planned. Whatever challenge you are going through regarding real estate, we can help! We’ve even helped homeowners sell their houses quickly due to a foreclosure notice.

In the past, we have also had homeowners who were shy because their Draper house needed severe work and repairs. We were able to help them locate a buyer without needing to replace or repair ANYTHING! Regardless of your situation or house’s condition, we can get your house listed and help locate the best buyers for you.

Maybe you are looking to get top dollar for your Draper house, and to get your house there; we might need to complete some upgrades. We have a list of top-quality general contractors in our phone book. In addition, we work with the top photographers and stagers in Draper.

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Types of Houses A Draper Realtor Can Help You Sell

Whether you have a brand new house, a luxury million-dollar house, or even a house that needs repairs, we have worked with clients in the past with all different backgrounds and property types. The best part about listing with us is we offer a dedicated strategy for every house.

Luxury house
Draper Luxury Houses
New build house
Draper New Build House
house in need of repairs
Draper House Needs Repairs

Property Types In Draper

  • Single Family Houses
  • Luxury Houses
  • Mobile Homes
  • Multi-Family Houses
  • Townhomes
  • Commercial
  • Apartments
  • Duplexes
  • Manson
  • Condos
  • Land

Sell Your House In [Market City] Any Situation

  • Foreclosure House
  • Pre-foreclosure House
  • Divorce House
  • Houses With Leins
  • Bankruptcy House
  • House With Negative Equity
  • Houses with Tax Liens
  • Houses with Late Payments

Sell Your House In Draper Any Condition

  • Flooded Houses
  • Fire Damage House
  • Roof Damage House
  • Electrical Issues House
  • Houses Interior Damage
  • Houses with Property Damage
  • Houses With Foundation Issues
  • Houses With General Repairs Needed

Areas We Help Buy And Sell Houses In Draper

We Help Buy and Sell houses in Draper and ALL throughout all of Utah! Regardless of your neighborhood, location, or area, we can help you sell or purchase a house!

Do you own a property that is not a house? – As realtors, we can also help you sell land, commercial property, townhomes, apartments, condos, and mobile homes.

Is Your House Located In A Different State or City of Draper? – Don’t worry about it; we work with realtors all over the country. We can help you get situated with an agent in other states!

Sell your house in Draper, Utah.

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