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Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent!

Looking for a real estate agent near you? We’ll help you find houses for sale in Utah!

Our Company: Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent In Utah

Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent

My name is Cody Kewley, the founder of Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent. I was born and raised in California. My wife and I currently live in Utah! I’ve been in real estate for over four years now. I first started my career in real estate, fixing and flipping houses and investing in off-market houses.

After working in the Idaho, Florida, and Tennessee markets, I decided to obtain my real estate license to help others sell their home and purchase properties in Utah!

Our team at Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent offers years of experience in negotiations, sales tactics, marketing, and locating off-market properties.

In addition, we try to make the selling process easy by offering our close network, which includes: contractors, lenders, title companies, photographers, and stagers!

How does Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent work with Sellers?

Critical Housing Details

We tell you what you need to improve on. For a home to look marketable, we help you prepare your home by telling you what needs to be done to get the highest price possible.

Housing Comparables

We price your home using comparables. we will prepare a comparative market analysis and analyze the data for an accurate listing price. We also check for any upgrades within the house to obtain a higher price.

Maximum Marketing Exposure

We’ll market your home on our MLS platform to obtain the most amount of exposure. The internet is a place where buyers or investors start their search to find a house!

Excellent Communication

We communicate! We tell you what’s happening with your home. We will regularly update you even if it’s something that may concern you.

Top Notch Negotiations

We negotiate the best terms. We always strive for the best possible terms on the transaction. We don’t hesitate to counteroffer with the price that is more favorable to you.

Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent With Fathom Realty

Our Brokerage at Fathom Realty would love to represent you in your buying or selling process. If you are looking online for “real estate agents near me,” look no further; you’ve come to the right place.

All of our agents at Fathom Realty are state certified and work closely with the public to offer the best experience possible. Our brokerage works closely with top-quality photographers, stagers, lenders, title companies, appraisers, and insurance companies.

Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent An Agent Near Me

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood, looking for your dream home, or just relocating, we have a dedicated marketing strategy just for you! Even if you are an investor and looking for land, single-family houses, or commercial, we can help!

In the past, we have also helped people in time-sensitive situations. Some of our clients have faced foreclosure, inherited a house, and had a property that needed a complete remodel due to years of damage. If you have a property that’s causing you headaches, we work closely with investors that would love to purchase your property As-Is.

What makes Working With Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent Special?

The Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent’s solution-driven attitude makes things possible for you. We are customer-centered and offer outstanding performance. We serve you with accuracy and provide the most suitable solution for you. We put you first!

We know how to spot potential problems 🔎

It is very important to make sure that your house is in great shape to attract more buyers and sell the property at a higher price. The same goes when we work with buyers that are looking for a house in good condition with fewer or no repairs.

We have a professional network 🎓

Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent works with various professionals such as mortgage consultants, contractors, house inspectors, attorneys, and title companies. We know who should be involved in the process of buying or selling a house.

We have Extensive Market Knowledge 💡

One of the main reasons you should work with Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent is we know and understand how the market trends work over a long time. We have access to home listings and sales data that we use to recommend realistic prices to both sellers and buyers.

We have negotiation skills ⚒️

When you are buying or selling a house it could be hard to negotiate when you aim to get the price you want. Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent is trained to negotiate the best sales price possible. Also when selling a property we strive to help you get top dollar for your house!

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Why choose Cody Kewley Real estate Agent?

  • Steely Determination: Whether you’re selling or buying we are determined to give you what you aim for. We always put our 100% effort into satisfying you and getting what’s best for you.
  • Honesty: To us, the client’s interest comes first. When there’s a potential problem, we tell you with honesty and provide you with as much information as possible for you to make a decision.
  • Knowledge: We can give you the best advice on a sales price as we know the recent 📈 trends. We could tell you if the price of the houses in your neighborhood has been edging up or down in recent months.

How does Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent work with buyers?

Real Estate Agents Utah
  • We help you find the best home: We will help you determine🔎 the best location for you to look at based on your goal and the type of neighborhood that you want.
  • We set up showings: After picking the home 🏠 you want, we will schedule showings for you to see it in person. We coordinate with listing agents and schedule a time and 📅 date to tour the property. We will also share any open houses that you may be interested in attending too.
  • Price consultation: Once you’re decided on what to buy, we will ask the listing agent if there are any disclosures on the property, like a potential issue that may affect the price 💵 of the home. We will recommend you make a particular offer based on the analysis and specifics of the property.
  • We negotiate an offer: We will analyze the value of the home you are looking to purchase by doing a comparative market analysis📊. Negotiating effectively and getting you the best possible price is what we aim for.
  • Recommending other real estate professionals – We will guide you through the closing date, but before the closing, as needed, we will refer you to other professionals like attorneys, inspectors, etc.

Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent Promise to Sellers

  1. Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent, promises to act in your best interest and make the best recommendation to achieve the highest possible price.
  2. Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent promises to provide accurate and honest feedback from possible buyers who showed interest in your home.
  3. Cody Kewley Real estate Agent promises to expose your house to as many prospective buyers as possible and deliver accurate market knowledge to help you price your home to achieve the price you are aiming for.
  4.  Cody Kewley Real Estate Agent promises to put 100% effort into successful work with you. We prioritize YOU!